“Stephanie Martin coordinated my son’s wedding with a spirit of excellence. It brought joy to my heart to see her kindness and grace as she served the couple and the bridal party for the rehearsal. I would highly recommend her to anyone that need assistance in planning their wedding or whatever special event they may need.”

SG Martin, Mother of Groom
Copperas Cove, TX


“Stephanie Martin coordinated my husband’s 50th birthday party and she did an excellent job. She was very professional and took a lot of the stress away from me during the planning. She took the budget I had and found everything I wanted without compromising elegance and excellence. I really enjoyed working with her and look forward to having her plan other events for me in the future.”

A. Eversley,
Killeen, TX


“So many thoughts ran through my mind as I contemplated how to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary. I spoke with Stephanie of Events by Stephanie who stepped in to make sense of what was swirling around in my head. Her great organizational skills brought order to my ideas. Her keen attention to details made things flow. In the rehearsal, she worked out even more hidden kinks.”

“I would definitely recommend Events by Stephanie to anyone who wants attention given to the small details of an event since it is the small things that can create BIG problems!”

Still married in Central Texas


“Stephanie Martin of Events by Stephanie directed my rehearsal and wedding day. She did an excellent job. I didn’t have to worry about anything. It was extremely structured and organized. She went above and beyond what I expected. I would recommend her to anyone planning an event.”

M Cotton
Killeen, TX


“Working with Minister Stephanie was truly a blessing. She was funny, personal and professional. She was very informative with legalities of our venue’s policies, responded to our questions in a timely manner and even traveled out of state to meet with us personally. She had lots of great ideas that we incorporated in our ceremony and best of all; she made us a personal book with our ceremony itinerary! Thanks Minister Stephanie for all you did through God to unite us as one. Love you!”

L Rowe
happily married in Las Vegas
resides in Worthington OH


“I was getting overwhelmed with everything trying to be a DIY bride, and then Stephanie of Events by Stephanie stepped in!
She thought of things I never would have. She kept the flow going on my wedding day and kept me on track.
She took an issue that arose on my wedding day and handled it with finesse. She was a necessity to making my wedding day memorable. She is passionate about what she does and if I had it to do all over again, I would have hired her sooner.
I would highly recommend Stephanie of Events by Stephanie to anyone planning a wedding or event.
Thanks, Stephanie!”

N McKinney
Killeen, TX


“I attended an 86th birthday party celebration that Stephanie of Events by Stephanie planned.
From beginning to end, the event was well organized and thought out.  The ambience, color combinations, activities and even the food served was all executed with a spirit of excellence.  It was evident of the amount of love that went into the planning.
I will most definitely recommend Stephanie to anyone planning an event.”

M Hawkins
Killeen Texas


“All I can say is that I don’t know what I would have done without Stephanie of Events by Stephanie.
I stayed relatively calm throughout the wedding planning process but when it got down to the wire, I lost it.  I’m so glad I had Stephanie there to pick up the pieces.  She placed everyone where they needed to be placed, made sure the DJ was on cue, and was a marvelous emcee which allowed me an opportunity to breathe.
Stephanie really came through for me and thought of all the things that I forgot to do on my big day.
I highly recommend her services.  She is a great asset to have during your wedding journey.

ReNauta Bell
Atlanta, GA